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IACMR Bimonthly Briefing – June 2015

– New IACMR Officers (2015-2018) Election Results
– Special Memorial for Prof. Kwok Leung
– 2015 IACMR Research Method Workshop Updates
– 2016 IACMR Hangzhou Conference Updates
– Monthly Executive Committee’s Meeting Briefing
– Academic News
– Members’ Profiles
– Members’ Publications
– Job Openings

New IACMR Officers (2015-2018) Election Resultsl

The voting system for IACMR officer election for the term of July 2015 – June 2018 was opened on April 25. By the deadline of May 15, 165 eligible members casted their votes. On May 25 IACMR office announced the election results as below:

Vice President and Program Chair (2018):  Zhixue Zhang, Peking University
Representative- at-Large, Americas:  Christopher Marquis, Cornell University
Representative- at-Large, Europe:  Samuel Aryee, King’s College London
Representative- at-Large, Mainland China:  Jian Liang, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Representative- at-Large, Asia Pacific:  Aichia Chuang, the National Taiwan University
Ph.D. Student Representative–China:  Meng Xi, Nanjing University
Ph.D. Student Representative–Outside of China:  Carys Chan, the Australian National University

Special Memorial for Prof. Kwok Leung

Prof. Kwok Leung, a beloved member of IACMR, former Deputy Editor-in-Chief of MOR, passed away on May 25, 2015. As Prof. Anne S. Tsui said in her memorial essay, Prof. Leung made gigantic contribution to scholarship, to educating the next generation of scholars, to IACMR/MOR/China and to his family and friends.

To commemorate Prof. Leung, IACMR started collecting memorial essays and messages on May 26 and built a webpage where Prof. Leung’s colleagues, students, friends and IACMR members could contribute their memories of him and bid him farewell. IACMR WeChat [IACMR2002] also compiled and released 3 special issues to commemorate Prof. Leung. IACMR has also reserved a room to commemorate him at the forthcoming Academy of Management Meetings at Vancouver (scheduled at 4:00-5:00 pm on Sunday, August 9, 2015).

2015 IACMR Research Method Workshop Updates

As 2015 IACMR Research Method Workshop is approaching in a few weeks, the workshop committee, IACMR staff and the College of Management and Economics, Tianjin University are making full preparations for the workshop.

Thanks to the good efforts of Professors Jian Liang (Shanghai Jiaotong U.), Liangding Jia (Nanjing U.), Jiangyong Lu (Peking U.) and Ann Yan Zhang (Peking U.), all the 146 submitted proposals were reviewed and assessed. Finally 115 proposals were accepted by the workshop committee.

The 4-day workshop will consist of lectures and intensive discussion sessions. The participants have been divided into 14 groups to be led by experienced faculty advisors for discussing how to develop research proposals. The name list of discussion groups has been posted on line and sent to all participants. Detailed information can be found here.

This year we have received many high quality proposals, but with limited space, we are not able to accept all the applications. For those who will not be able to participate in the workshop, we would encourage you to participate in IACMR’s 2016 Conference scheduled on June 15-19 in Hangzhou. On the last day of the Conference, there will be the Professional Development Workshops on dissertation proposal development, and academic paper writing, which may help in the similar way of this workshop.

2016 IACMR Hangzhou Conference Updates

After the first LAC meeting in March, the School of Management, Zhejiang University, worked on a few projects like conference budgeting, negotiating with the selected conference venue (the Dragon Hotel) and the sponsorship plan. The 2nd LAC meeting will be held on July 1st. Ray Friedman, Program Chair of the conference, will attend this meeting and give the LAC members updates on the keynote panels, the initial conference program, paper review and acceptance plan, etc. The paper reviewer sign-up system is being built and will soon be opened. You are encouraged to sign up as a reviewer for the conference, demonstrating your spirit of service with other volunteering reviewers.

Monthly Executive Committee’s Meeting Briefing

The Executive Committee members had the monthly meetings on May 11 and June 8 respectively. They reviewed the preparation progresses of the 2015 workshop, the 2016 conference and the website revamping project. The two award committees (the Distinguished Scholarly Contribution Award and the Distinguished Executive Award) have received 4 nominations for DSCA and 6 for DEA. The committees will have meetings to discuss about the nominees and make final decisions.

The EC also discussed about the IACMR reception at 2015 AoM. It will be sponsored by the School of Management of Zhejiang University. The agenda is as follows.

August 9th, Sunday

2:00-4:00pm IACMR Borad Meeting

4:00-5:00pm Memorial for Professor Kwok Leung

5:00-7:00pm IACMR Highlights & Distinguished Speaker (Adrian Micu, President and CEO of Haier America)

7:00-8:30pm IACMR & Zhejiang University Joint Reception


In addition to the memorial event at AoM, the memorial webpages set up on IACMR website and the essays posted in the IACMR WeChat account, the EC further discussed about the initiatives to commemorate Prof. Kwok Leung: the EC endorsed the idea of publishing a book in memory of Kwok Leung and setting up the Kwok Leung Dissertation Grant after getting endorsement from his wife and coordinating with other fund raising efforts.

Academic News
1. Xiao-Ping Chen has been named a fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), a division of the American Psychological Association.“This prestigious honor is in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the field and awarded to only a few select recipients,”said Ronald Landis, chair of the Department of Psychology at the Illinois Institute of Technology and a SIOP Fellow.

2. IACMR and Renmin University of China co-organized a lecture on May 12th, 2015. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Daan van Knippenberg, Professor of Organizational Behavior, Editor, Organizational Psychology Review, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam. The title was ” How to Publish in Top Journals: An Editor’s Perspective “.


3. The latest Table of Contents (TOC) of top management journals (March – July, 2015) can be found here.


4. The second International Conference of the HR Division hosting by the HR Division, Academy of Management, undertake by UNSW Australia Business School, will hold in Sydney, Australian in February, 2016. You can find out Call for Papers in the website of the conference, 

Members’ Profile

Kai Wang from Nankai University, Jianghua Mao from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Dr. Wenhao Luo from Renmin University of China share with us their experiences with IACMR in the latest “Members’ Profile”.

Members’ Publications

1. Jianmin Sun, Happy Society, Beijing, Renmin University of China Press

2. Li, Y. & Sun,J-M (2015). Traditional Chinese leadership and employee voice behavior: A cross-level examination. Leadership Quarterly, 26(2), 172-189

3. Liu, X-Y., Hartel, C.,& Sun, J-M, (2015). The Workgroup Emotional Climate Scale: Theoretical Development, Empirical Validation and Relationship with Workgroup Effectiveness. Group & Organization Management(In press)

4. Sun,J-M, Lu X-X., & Sun J-Q,(2015). Management Science,28(2)93-102

5. J-L.Ke,Sun,J-M,& Wu D,(2015),Economics & Management Research,36(2),100-108

6. Metz, A. 2015. Kulturkompatible Führung von chinesischen Mitarbeitern. Qualitative Untersuchung zum Voice-Verhalten. Heidelberg: SpringerGabler. (in Germany)

Job Openings

School/ University: School of Management, Lanzhou University
Positions: Assistant, Associate and Full Professor
Contacts: Mr. Xu, Email:,Tel: +86-931-8910402 (O)

School/ University: Zhejiang Institute of Talent Development
Contacts: Linyun Xie, Email:,Tel: +86- 571-88273037 (O)

If your school needs to post job vacancies at our website, please write to us at In addition to online posting, the information about job vacancies is also posted via our official WeChat [IACMR2002, now 1593 subscribers] and included in the Bimonthly Briefing which is distributed to all the IACMR membership. Please find our Job Posting Policy here.

Your Input Welcomed

Special thanks to Prof. Jianmin Sun from China Renmin University and Annette Metz from Conben Deutschland GMBH, Representative Office Shanghai for their inputs in providing their publications to us. And also many thanks to Kai Wang (Nankai University), Jianghua Mao (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) and Wenhao Luo (Renmin University of China) for writing articles about their thoughts and feedbacks of IACMR. All publications and articles have been put online and posted in the official IACMR WeChat account.

Your contributions are also welcomed. You can send us news about members’ activities, research information, feedback about IACMR, information from management field, etc. to Submission deadline is 10th of every even-month.