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IACMR Bimonthly Briefing – October 2016

– 2017 Workshop and 2018 Conference Updates
– Philosophy of Management Research Teacher Training Workshop
– IACMR Membership Development Network and Updates
– Management and Organization Review (MOR) Updates
– Management Insights (MI) Updates
– IACMR 2016 Books
– 2015 Emerald/IACMR Chinese Management Research Fund Award Winners
– Member profile

– 2017 Workshop Preparation Updates

IACMR Executive Direct Zhijun Yao visited Wuhan on October 18-20 for the preparations of the 2017 Research Method Workshop and the 2018 biennial conference.

The hosting school of the 2017 workshop is the School of Management, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). Ms Yao had a meeting with professors Jianqiao Liao, Lirong Long, Zhi Yang , Yingjun Zhu and Wei He. The team went over the budget and workshop manual. The school is pledged to support the workshop and the professors will contribute their parts as well. In order to minimize the costs, the faculty advisors will also stay in the university hotel on campus.

Ms Yao also checked all the relevant venues of the school: a big lecture room for lectures for all participants, two separate classrooms for macro and micro groups, and 14 discussion rooms. In addition, the venues for the opening ceremony and graduation ceremony have been fixed.

Like the 2015 workshop, we will recruit 130~140 participants (incl. those from the hosting school). The 14 faculty advisors are in place. The call for applications will be released next month. The workshop applicants should be either a Ph.D. candidate who has finished at least one year’s course work or a junior faculty with a PhD degree, who has been a faculty for NO more than five years since earning the PhD and is at or below the rank of associate professor. Anyone who has attended the Research Methods Workshop before is NOT allowed to enroll again.

– 2018 Conference Preparation Updates

Though the 2018 conference is 20 months away, it’s time to identify an appropriate venue. Together with the preparation team of Wuhan University, Ms Yao visited two potential venues and tried to negotiate for a good package. Hopefully there will be one hotel to offer acceptable prices so that the registration fees of the 2018 conference will not have to go up.

The theme of the 2018 conference is Meeting Challenges of Continuous Transformation and Upgrading and the call for submissions will go out soon.

Meeting with Yanping Li’s team of Wuhan University

– Philosophy of Management Research Teacher Training Workshop

Philosophy of management research teacher training workshop will take place in Building 2, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University from December 8 to December 12, 2016. This workshop is to prepare faculty colleagues who are interested in teaching this doctoral level course on the Philosophy of Management Research.

A Brief Description of Workshop and Course

The course is a brief introduction to scientific work in organizations and management. It focuses on a few of the key issues in the philosophy and the conduct of science. These are central to the work of a scientist in constructing understanding and explanation of important phenomena in our natural and social world. The issues pervade both natural and social sciences and they help us gain clarity on the role of scientific research in advancing the practice of management, which has the important role of integrating business technology and humanity, i.e., how firms may influence the wellbeing of both those working in them and those affected by them, i.e., employees, consumers, and society. The role of science or of the scientist, if not understood properly can impede our scientific work, impair knowledge and stall scientific discoveries.

The course explores some of these questions: What is scientific reasoning and explanation? What are the unique challenges in social science relative to natural science? How does progress and development in scientific knowledge come about? What is the development of science in the management and organization discipline? What role do values play in science? How does science contribute to both the progress and the demise of the human condition? How can we as scientists contribute to the progress in the science of management and organizations, and hence humanity? What does it mean to pursue a career in organization science?

The first training course has been offered to those schools that have been actively supporting IACMR in the past decade and the participants have been determined. For information about the workshop schedule and course materials, etc. you may click here to learn more.

– IACMR Membership Development Network and Updates

– IACMR local school contacts are volunteer members in different universities/cities/countries. They keep communication with members and promote IACMR and organize local member activities where appropriate to support IACMR members’ networking. They are very helpful in the process of IACMR development. All contacts are faculty members or PhD candidates. They devote time and energy in the midst of tight schedule. We fully appreciate their selfless contribution and support to IACMR.

– All IACMR members and potential members can reach the local contacts at your university or in your city by sending email to them. Now we have over 70 local school contacts at over 60 universities . We have also set up IACMR Wechat groups in 13 cities/provinces in China, among which are such cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Wuhan, Shenyang, Lanzhou, Xi’an and Dalian; and provinces of Heilongjiang, Zhejiang, Henan and Guangdong. More Wechat groups will be set up in the future. You are very welcome to join up by scanning QR Code (be valid in 7 days). For detail contact information of the local school contacts, please click here.

– There are still vacancies of local contacts in more universities. IACMR fee-paying members are very welcomed to recommend yourselves or other candidates to be a local contact of your university. Please send your recommendation to Qian HAN at

– As one part of membership development plan, promotion presentations are helpful for scholars to learn about and join IACMR, particularly in those schools where IACMR is not well known. To take the chance of her visit to Wuhan, Zhijun Yao did three promotion talks to over 150 faculty members and students in Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan Institute of Technology and Wuhan University of Technology. The local contacts of the three schools, Bao Yan of HUST, Li Lv of WIT and Guanglei Zhang of WHUT have been very supportive by organizing the events and inviting faculty and students of their respective schools to join the promotion talks. Both Prof. Lv and Prof. Zhang had invited their respective associate deans to listen to the talks. In particular, Prof. Chao Wang, associate dean of the School of Management of WHUT, had a short talk with Ms Yao before the presentation. He offered his warm support to the presentation and expressed his sincere hope to work with IACMR in the future, recognizing the great contribution that IACMR has made to the Chinese management research.

Promotion talks at Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Wuhan Institute of Technology

Promotion talk at Wuhan University of Technology

– Management and Organization Review (MOR) Updates

The MOR Volume 12, Issue 3 has been available online! Please click “Latest MOR Issue” in the MOR section on the IACMR homepage. IACMR paid members are eligible to read full articles by clicking “Read MOR Full Paper” on the same page and you will be directed to “IACMR Member Area” where paid members can access all benefits after logging in.

We also provide you with article abstracts from MOR Volume 12, Issue 2 both in English and Chinese. Please click here to read.

– Management Insights (MI) Updates

The Electronic version of Management Insights Issue 6 (July 2016) is available online. Please click here to read the articles. Paid members can read full articles by clicking here. As ‘bilingual’ is one of the MI characteristics, the key articles are also available in English.

– IACMR 2016 Books

3 IACMR books are published by Peking University Press in 2016.

Capitalism from Below: Markets and Institutional Change in China
Authors: Victor Nee and Sonja Opper
Translators: Haifeng Yan and Shuyang You

A Collection of Papers on Management Theory Development
Editors: Ann S. Tsui , Bing Ren and Li Lv

China’s Innovation Challenge: Overcoming the Middle Income Trap
Editors: Arie Y. Lewin, Martin Kenney, and Johann Peter Murmann
Proofreader: Zhixue Zhang

For detail information please click here.

– 2015 Emerald/IACMR Chinese Management Research Fund Award Winners

We are delight to announce the winners of 2015 Emerald/IACMR Chinese Research Fund Award.

Emerald and IACMR are delighted to invite submissions to their Chinese Management Research Fund Award. The winner will receive £2,000 to fund the winning research project and two runners up will receive prizes of £500. Applications should address the dissemination of knowledge for the social good with a specific orientation toward benefit for mainland China.

CEO Mindset and Firm Competition Behaviors: The Moderating Roles of Institutional and Market Environments
Wei Zheng, Weiguo Zhong, Jiangyong Lu, Peking University

Highly Commended
Revisiting Political Ties in China: A New Conceptualization
Danxue Gao, Weiguo Zhong, Peking University
Tianzhen Tang, Nanjing University

The Performance Implications of Star Employee: Individual and Team Level Research
Yahua Cai, Ho Kwong, Kwan, Erica Xu, Shanghai University of Finance & Economics

Acceptance speeches from the winners can be read from here.

– Member profile

Dr. Jian PENG from Jinan University shares with us his experience with IACMR in the latest “Members’ Profile”. Please click here for the full text (in Chinese).

– Your Input Welcomed

Your contributions are also welcomed. You can send us news about members’ activities, research information, feedback about IACMR, information from management field, etc. Submission deadline is 10th of every even-month.