IACMR Election

IACMR Election

Officer and Governor Election

 (1) According to the Constitution and Bylaws of IACMR, the vice-president-elect and representatives-at-large are elected every two years. The Nomination and Election Committee (N&E Committee), which includes members of the Past-Presidents Fellows and the president, with the immediate past-president serving as chairperson, initiates and controls the officer and governor selection process.

(2) The N&E Committee chair solicits members for open-position nominations through online submission or email communications.

 (3) The N&E Committee proposes a ballot of two to three nominated candidates for each officer and governor position.

(4) The Committee selects candidates according to criteria that the committee deems important for the position, including commitment and dedication to serving IACMR, ability to be responsive and timely in running IACMR business and related activities, ability and enthusiasm to energize prospective members, and motivation and demonstrated experience in promoting management research in and about China. It is required the candidate to run the election to be a fee-paying member of IACMR.

 (5) Election ballots list candidates in alphabetical order within each position. All candidates submit brief written statements indicating their qualifications, their vision for IACMR, and other relevant information as specified.

(6) Active, fee-paying members are eligible to cast their votes. The candidate receiving the most votes wins. In case of ties, the N&E Committee consults with the Executive Committee to choose the winner.

2019 IACMR New Governor/Officer Election

According to IACMR Constitution and Bylaws, the elected officers will serve for the period of July 2019-June 2022. They will start their service from July 2019, as non-voting members observers on the board.

I. IACMR Nomination and Election Committee (N&E Committee)is composed by IACMR past and current  presidents, please click here to view the name list.

II. Positions of 2019 IACMR Officer/Governor Election are as follows:

–           Vice-president/program chair 2022

–           Representatives-at-large (the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Chinese Mainland)

–           Ph.D. Student Representative (One from the Chinese Mainland and one from an overseas university; non-voting member of the board)

<span “=””>Please <span “=””>click here<span “=””> to view the responsibilities of the positions.

III.Schedule of 2019 New Governor/Officer Election

a. Call for nominations (February 1)

b. Deadline for nominations (March 10)

Please note only active fee-paying members are eligible to make nominations and participate in the voting (please visit the “Join Us” page for information about how to become a fee-paying member). When you nominate a candidate, please keep in mind that IACMR mission is to advance “the science, education and practice” of Chinese management, and our core values are “Pursuit of Excellence, Source of Inspiration, Responsible Scholarship and Spirit of Service”.

c. Voting (April 6-May 2)

d. Announcement of results (May 25)