Training Programs

Introduction to Host Institute–LUSM

The School of Management, Lanzhou University (LUSM) was founded in 2004, with 17 years of pioneering, it has formed its multi-level degree awarding system that covers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, featuring itself the comprehensive school of management with two first-class disciplines of public administration and business administration integrated. 

LUSM is authorized to confer doctoral degrees of 2 first-level disciplines in Public Administration and Business Administration, and 3 second-level disciplines in Administrative Management, Government Performance Management, and Emergency Management, and has 1 post-doctoral research station for Public Administration. 

LUSM provides Gansu provincial base for Basic Scientific Research and Teaching Personnel Training on Management (Management Elite Class), which aims to train academic talents with strong fundamental knowledge, innovative capability and research qualities. Its 5 undergraduate programs have been listed into the first-class programs construction plan, with Administrative Management, Accounting and Information Management & Information System of national level and Human Resources Management and Marketing of provincial level. 

In addition, the School offers 3 professional master’s degree programs of MBA portfolio (IMBA and EMBA included), MPA and MPAcc. 

Currently, the School has a total of 106 full-time faculty members and 3755 enrolled students.

Inhering the motto of “the learning of management is the learning of heading for success”, and supported by its long-term development strategies of “talent driven, internationalization, and school culture building”, LUSM is committed to creating a “highland” of management education for western China, and to cultivating managerial talents for the country. On the way to be excellence, LUSM will continue to embark on the path of being a highly open, research-supported comprehensive management school ranking top in China with global reputation.