Job Opening|SZTU Business School is Seeking for Professors Globally

Position: Lecturer/Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor at Business School of Shenzhen Technology University

Major:Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Management

Work Location: 3002 Lantian Road, Pingshan District, Shenzhen Guangdong, China

Your Tasks / Responsibilities:

1. Make good use of program-related knowledge and expertise to carry out university teaching and practical project tasks.
2.Undertake duties assigned by the School with high performance in excecution.


Candidates should have a passion for education, an open-minded personality with the willingness to work together with companies and to do applied research.

  1. Ph.D. degree;
  2. A high level of English language proficiency is required to undertake full English taught course(s);
  3. Candidates must have a strong commitment to effective teaching, productive research, and quality services to the school, the university, and the society;
  4. Candidates shall have the ability to work collaboratively, willing to work with colleagues to carry out the duties of school.
  5. Candidates must have working experience in companies/institutions/organizations outside of the campus;
  6. International working experiences and/or educational background is preferred.

Application Process:

Please send the Application materials (Including: complete English curriculum vitae; scanned copies of graduation and degree certificate) with the title as “Full Name of Applicant + Position” to:

Salary & Benefits:

Salary will be competitive, commensurate with qualifications and experience. Successful applicants can also apply for additional benefits through high-talent programs at the Guangdong provincial level, the Shenzhen city level and the SZTU university level. The SZTU will also provide housing on campus for those who are qualified in accordance with the SZTU logistics management requirements.

About SZTU Business School:

With the development of globalization, talents with business expertise and professional knowledge have become an urgent need to the economic development. The Business School upholds a high-quality, practical applied sciences education model which aims to adapt the rapid economic and social development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, China and the wider world. At present, it offers bachelor’s degrees in Financial Management, Marketing and International Business. Adhering to the education philosophy of “learn from practice, focus on application, view locally, think globally”, our module teaching is based on the sophisticated business curriculum setting and talent cultivation concept equipped by other top-tier worldwide universities of applied sciences in Germany, Switzerland, etc. With a strong focus on hands-on and industry-oriented education, various exchange programs as well as university-enterprise collaboration, the School is committed to educating students to become the next generation of leaders with business intellectual intensity and professional practical capabilities.

The Business School fully reflects the international characteristics. From the very beginning, it has been committed to building a faculty team with experience in the business field locally and globally. It aims to build up a highly qualified international faculty with work experience in various commercial and industrial business areas in Germany, Austria, Canada, Switzerland and even in USA and offers major-related courses in English. Our professors who are leading experts in their fields will deliver courses via contemporary teaching approaches, including workshops, case studies and individual and group projects. The School will deepen the development of its teaching and research model, integrating production and teaching functions.

The School has signed school-enterprise cooperation agreements with a variety of internationally renowned companies such as Huawei, Tencent, BYD and Han’s Laser. It will rely on the existing school-enterprise cooperation plan of the school to establish a more completed in-house training laboratory. At the same time, it will sign long-term cooperation agreements with more relevant well-known enterprises, develop the long-term and stable out-of-school training base and establish an effective cooperation mechanism between industry, academia and research. Meanwhile, the out-of-school training base will be gradually built into an employment base to provide customized talents for enterprises.

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