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Table of Contents Volume 17 – Issue 1 – March 2021

Volume 17   Issue 1

Arie Y. Lewin                              
Letter from the Editor

Xiao-Ping Chen
Letter from the Incoming Editor

Dialogue, Debate, and Discussion 
Michael A. Witt, Peter Ping Li, Liisa Välikangas, and Arie Y. Lewin
De-globalization and Decoupling: Game Changing Consequences?

Farok J. Contractor
A Decline in US Manufacturing because of Globalization and China? Don’t Believe This Fake News

Elizabeth L. Rose
The Decline of US Manufacturing: Issues of Measurement

Peter Williamson
De-Globalisation and Decoupling: Post-COVID-19 Myths versus Realities

Peter J. Buckley
The Return of Cartels?

Arjen van Witteloostuijn
The Post-Corona Crisis Paradox: How Labor Will Globalize to the Benefit of Emerging Economies

Regular Articles
Yaotian Pan, Alain Verbeke, and Wenlong Yuan
CEO Transformational Leadership and Corporate Entrepreneurship in China

Wayne H. Stewart, Jr., Ruth C. May, Kristin L. Scott, and Amy E. Ingram
The Ties that (Un)Bind: Change and Organizational Commitment in Ukraine

Arpita Agnihotri and Saurabh Bhattacharya
Can CEO’s Facial Attractiveness Influence Philanthropic Behavior? Evidence from India

Zhendong Li, Marina Yue Zhang, and Huiying Zhang
Firm Growth Performance and Relative Innovation Orientation of Exploration vs Exploitation: Moderating Effects of Cluster Relationships

Desislava Dikova and Anna Veselova
Performance Effects of Internationalization: Contingency Theory Analysis of Russian Internationalized Firms