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Table of Contents Volume 18 – Issue 2

Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor


The Intersection of Economic, Social, and Political Forces: Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Family Businesses in China
Dali Ma, Xiaowei Rose Luo

Deconstructing Socioemotional Wealth: Social Wealth and Emotional Wealth as Core Properties of Family Firms
Wenting Chen, Abby Jingzi Zhou, Steven Shijin Zhou, Peter S. Hofman, Xueru Yang

Between Legitimacy and Socioemotional Wealth: Family Ownership and the Party Branches Building of Chinese Private Enterprises
Xiaobin He, Jiankun Liu

Instrumental Love: Political Marriage and Family Firm Growth
Feifei Lu, Xu Huang, Erica Xu, Chi-Nien Chung, Xiaogang He

Perceived Parental Care and Next-Generation Family Members’ Succession Intentions: The Sequential-Mediating Role of General Self-Efficacy and Perceived Person-Job Fit
Fei Zhu, Haibo Zhou

A Far-Reaching Parental Love? Co-Governance of Intergenerational Succession and Innovation Activities in Chinese Family Firms
Zhenduo Zhu, Yuanfei Kang

The Match Between Structural Attributes and Content-Based Orientation of Managerial Cognition: An Exploratory fsQCA Study of ‘Hidden Champions’
Linan Lei, Yanan Fu, Xiaobo Wu, Jian Du