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Table of Contents Volume 18 – Issue 5

Letter from the Editor
Letter from the Editor

Building Organizations as Communities: A Multicase Study of Community Institutional Logic at Chinese Firms
Yi Hubert Han, Jingjing Yao

De-Linking From Western Epistemologies: Using Guanxi-Type Relationships to Attract and Retain Hotel Guests in the Middle East
Ahmed Shaalan, Riyad Eid, Marwa Tourky

Utilizing the Chinese Diaspora by Russian Firms: Capabilities and Legitimacy Implications
Tatiana Kostova, Andrei Panibratov, Liana Rysakova

Strategic Configurations and International Performance of Emerging Economy Multinationals
Yi Li, Lin Cui, Klaus E. Meyer, Di Fan

Unpacking the Impact of OFDI Speed and Rhythm on Innovation Performance: Evidence from Chinese Firms
Xiaobo Wu, Jian Du, Yue Xu, Hongqi Xu, Shan Zhu

A Perspective on the Potential of Chinese Business Schools: A Call for Greater Attention to Context, Differentiation, and Developing an Indigenous Model
Carl F. Fey

Introducing ‘Business Plus Education Ecosystem’ as a Commentary to Fey (2022)
Jiang Wei, Zhongyuan Zhang

Business Education in China: Current State and Future Direction
Xiongwen Lu

A Transition Perspective for Business School Research and Education in China
Hao Tan