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MOR is Included in FMS High- Quality Journals List

Management and Organization Review (MOR), the flagship journal of the International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR), is recently included in the FMS Management Science High- Quality Journals List, ranking of “B”. 

FMS (Federation of Management Societies of China) list was jointly issued by Chinese Society of Optimization, Overall Planning and Economic Mathematics, Society of Management Science and Engineering, Systems Engineering Society of China. They referred important international journals lists in the field of management, such as UT24, ABS, FT50, ABDC, CNRS, VHB and so on. Combining the literature measurement index with the peer review results, they pay full attention to the international journals founded by Chinese scientific research institutions or edited by Chinese scholars. 1135 kinds of high-quality international journals of management science were finally recommended, and divided into A, B, C and D categories, of which 133 kinds of category A journals, 319 kinds of category B journals, 444 kinds of category C journals and 239 kinds journals are listed in category D. FMS journal ranking list is based on reliable big data, scientific measurement methods and extensive academic research, which largely reflects the consensus of the academic community. 

Since founded in 2005, MOR has received continued support from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, and currently it is co-sponsored by School of Management, Fudan University. MOR releases 5 issues every year, publishes by Cambridge University Press. The journal has become extensively recognized academic journal in the community of international management science, 2019 2- year Impact Factor was calculated as 2.339. MOR has a subscription- base of over 8500, subscribers are from more than 3000 scientific institutions around the world. MOR publishes research about Chinese management and organizations, foreign organizations operating in China, and Chinese firms operating globally. Since 2015, the journal has included other transition economies into its publishing range with the aim of promoting research on Chinese and other transition economic research. The aspiration of MOR is to develop knowledge that is unique to China as well as universal knowledge that may transcend China.

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science and Technology of China jointly issued a notice that the number of papers published in SCI journals should no longer be used as a criteria for academic evaluation. In fact, this position is consistent with the view of the leaders of Management and Organization Review. Since it has been founded, MOR appealed to management scholars to abandon “bean-counting” research aimed only at generating a high number of top-journal ‘hits’, focusing instead on socially responsible research and indigenous Chinese management research (Tsui, 2013). During the fifteen years since its founding, MOR has published many studies that recognize the cultural roots and institutional context of contemporary management in China, enabling them to introduce important Chinese cultural constructs (Tsui, 2018).

Except being included in the FMS journals list, MOR has been included into many other international journal rankings.


MOR’s CiteScore of 3.3 is placed 84th out of 394 Business and international management journals, 118th out of 427 Strategy and Management journals. MOR’s SJR score of 0.744. 

French CNRS List

MOR is included as a category 3 journal in the “economics and management” section in the list. The list ranks journals from 1+ (the highest) to 4 (the lowest). A category 3 journal is marked as one that “combines selective reviews with a demanding and transparent review process, accommodates important contributions, and generates wide visibility by the published works.” 

ABS Journals List

MOR ranked 3 in the recent 2018 Association of Business Schools (ABS) UK journals list.

French FNEGE Ranking

MOR was included for the first time in the 2019 version of FNEGE (The French Foundation for Management Education), and was ranked 3 (1* is the highest ranking).

ESSEC Business School Paris Journals Quality List

This list published in 2017 gave MOR a “1”. 0+ is the highest ranking. 


The Australian Business Deans Council Journal Ranking List in 2019 gave MOR a rank of A (the highest ranking).

VHB List

MOR was given a “C” ranking (“Important and Respected” academic outlet) on the VHB (German Academic Association for Business Research).

Erasmus Research Institute of Management Journals Listing

MOR received a ranking of ‘S’ (secondary) from Erasmus Research Institute of Management.

MOR also has received rankings of A or B+ from main business schools in China 

We invite management scholars in China to see MOR as an appropriate outlet for their best China-focused research, and hope that together we can realize the mission of MOR in this new research era.