MOR Research and Publishing Ethics

MOR Research and Publishing Ethics

MOR Editors’ Forum: Research and Publishing Ethics

Management and Organization Review, November 2011


Commitment to Excellence: Upholding Research Integrity at Management and Organization Review (pages 389–395)

Anne S. Tsui and Joseph Galaskiewicz

Forum Articles

Editorial Responsibility: Managing the Publishing Process to Do Good and Do Well (pages 407–422)

Herman Aguinis and Sofia J. Vaschetto

Author Ethical Dilemmas in the Research Publication Process (pages 423–432)

Xiao-Ping Chen

Maximizing Your Data or Data Slicing? Recommendations for Managing Multiple Submissions from the Same Dataset (pages 433–446)

Bradley L. Kirkman and Gilad Chen

Climbing the Higher Mountain: The Challenges of Multilevel, Multisource, and Longitudinal Research Designs (pages 447–460)

Carol T. Kulik

Working in Research Teams: Lessons from Personal Experiences (pages 461–469)

Thomas W. Lee and Terence R. Mitchell

Presenting Post Hoc Hypotheses as A Priori: Ethical and Theoretical Issues (pages 471–479)

Kwok Leung

Ethical Issues Faced by Editors and Reviewers (pages 481–493)

Deborah E. Rupp

And Justice for All: Our Research Participants Considered as Valued Stakeholders (pages 495–503)

Thomas A. Wright


Elevating the Dialogue on Professional Ethics to the Next Level: Reflections on the Experience of the Academy of Management (pages 505–509)

Richard T. Mowday