MOR News

Table of Contents Volume 18 – Issue 6

Regular Articles

· State-Owned Enterprises as Institutional Actors: A Hybrid Historical Institutionalist and Institutional Work Framework
Olivier Butzbach, Douglas B. Fuller, Gerhard Schnyder, Liudmyla Svystunova (45pp)

· Impact of Subsidiary TMT Network Attention on Innovation: The Moderating Role of Subsidiary Autonomy
Shi-quan Wang, Shuang Zhang, and Guo-yin Shang (39pp)

· How Knowledge Services Clustered Firms Leverage Different Channels of Local Knowledge Spillovers for Service Innovation
Thi (Alice) N. B. Ngo and Sabrina Thornton (23pp)

· What Motivates Emerging Economy Firms to Internationalize? A Replication and Extension of Ahsan et al. (2020) in the Context of China
Can Huang, Felix Conde, Lin Cui, and Yao Fu (31pp)

· Enabling the Creative Performance of Indian IT Employees Through Their Voice: The Mediating Role of Psychosocial Prosperity
R. Prince and M. Kameshwar Rao (27pp)

· Navigating Cultural Divides via Identity Work: Bulgarian Migrant Entrepreneurs’ Tactics in the UK
Stoyan Stoyanov and Veselina Stoyanova (31pp)

Dialogue, Debate, and Discussion

· When Dragon Meets Elephant in Africa: The Rivalry on Distinctive Competitiveness
Zhenzhen Xie, Xuanjin Chen, and Hao Wang (7pp)

· India and China: Distinct Paths to Global Businesses
Klaus E. Meyer (7pp)