2018 Conference (June 13-17, 2018)

New Initiative – Coffee and Conversation at 2018 IACMR Conference!

Conference participants have new opportunities to engage directly with prominent and experienced scholars during the 2018 Conference! The Program Committee is introducing a new initiative of Coffee and Conversation featuring IACMR Past President Fellows, MOR editors and IACMR Executive Committee members who will share their experience in research or their views on particular topics with conference participants, especially doctoral students and young faculty. The program committee has scheduled meetings at 7:00-7:40 am on the mornings of June 14 – June 16 for young scholars to benefit from experienced scholars.

Coffee and Conversation are informal, roundtable discussions – over coffee/tea and a light breakfast – that take place before the start of the regular sessions on June 14 to June 16. The leader of each Coffee and Conversation engages in a conversation with a group of IACMR conference participants on a theme selected by the leader. It can be a current issue of interest to the leader, a particular phenomenon that is not adequately understood or an existing discourse relating to indigenous management scholarship, etc. Please refer to the schedule bellow for detailed topics offered by each meeting leader.

The opportunity to participate is made more precious as each group is limited to 8 -15 seats depending on the venue capacity. The rule of ‘first come first served’ is applied during the registration process at the time of online enrollment. Due to limited seats, each applicant is eligible to enroll for three sessions in maximum, but only one session will be allocated if the applicant is listed within the available capacity. Once each Coffee and Conversation is fully booked, the name lists of those who have successfully enrolled will be released on the conference website and communicated to the specific participants.

Please click here to sign up. Wish you good luck!

Program Committee
2018 IACMR Conference

Schedule of Coffee and Conversations

Session ID
Session Leader
June 14 7:00-7:40
Subsequent Program Activity starts at 8:00:

Opening ceremony and conference theme keynote panel


Carl Fey

Aalto University and

City University of Hong Kong


Deputy Editor

The importance of reconsidering what we mean by cultural distance and the effects it has: Is it symmetrical and distance vs fit
Tingtao Building 2

J Peter Murmann

University of New South Wales

MOR Deputy Editor
How to design good case study research
Tingtao Building 2
14C Eric W. K. Tsang
University of Texas at Dallas
MOR Deputy Editor
Publishing conceptual papers in leading management journals
TingtaoBuilding 2

Anne Tsui

Peking University, University of Notre Dame and Fudan University

IACMRFounding President;

MOR Founding Editor-in-Chief

Responsible science
TingtaoBuilding 2

Jia Lin Xie

The University of Toronto

IACMR Past President Fellow
A life-long learning journey as a researcher
TingtaoBuilding 2
June 15

Subsequent Program Activity starts at 8:00:

Appreciation, Awards and Presidential Speech


Chao-chuan Chen

Rutgers University

MOR Senior Editor;

IACMR Past President Fellow

Business ethics
TingtaoBuilding 2

Tony Fang

Stockholm Business School

MOR Artwork Editor and Editorial Review Board
How to develop and publish interesting research when your ideas have been disliked and even killed by gurus?

Nanshan Yisuo

15C Can Huang

Zhejiang University

MOR Senior Editor Innovation of Chinese companies

Nanshan Yisuo

15D Arie Y. Lewin

Duke University

MOR Editor-in-Chief Lesson Learned at conclusion of first term as MOR Editor-in-Chief Tingtao Building 2

J Peter Murmann

University of New South Wales

MOR Deputy Editor

How to successfully publish interesting papers in MOR

TingtaoBuilding 2

Shameen Prashantham


MOR Senior Editor
Publishing for a practitioner audience
Nanshan Yisuo

Jing Zhou

Rice University

IACMR Past President Fellow
TingtaoBuilding 2
June 16
Subsequent Program Activity starts at 8:00 and 8:30 respectively):

Parallel keynote panels (Responsible Research at 8:00 and Deans Forum at 8:30)


Ray Friedman

Vanderbilt University

IACMRPresident Elect;

MOR Senior Editor

Research that Captures the Moment (Doing Research on Events as they Occur)
TingtaoBuilding 2

Can Huang

Zhejiang University

MOR Senior Editor
Innovation of Chinese companies
Nanshan Yisuo

Runtian Jing

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

IACMRExecutive Committee Member;MORSenior Editor
Indigenous research; Balancing research and teaching
TingtaoBuilding 2

Arie Y. Lewin

Duke University

MOR Editor-in-Chief
Research Opportunities: Hidden Innovation Champions in China
TingtaoBuilding 2

Shuming Zhao

Nanjing University

IACMR Past President Fellow;

MOR Editorial Advisory Board

Current Research Issues of HRM in China and my Experience of Preparing for a Research Proposal for the National Natural Science Foundation Grants
TingtaoBuilding 2

David Zhu

Arizona State University

IACMR Rep.-at-Large: Americas
Chinese cultural values and strategic leadership
Nanshan Yisuo