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IACMR Code of Ethics is Released

IACMR is pleased to announce its new Code of Ethics. The code represents the aspirations of IACMR to encourage fair treatment of colleagues and students, honesty in academic research, and concern for others in society.   While IACMR does not have any enforcement powers, we do hope this document will provide members with some guideposts for ethical behavior.

Many thanks to the IACMR Code of Ethics Committee for their hard work developing this document.  That committee was led by IACMR Past-President Chao C. Chen, and included Lirong Long, Liangding Jia, Xuhong Li, and Wei Shen.  Their initial draft was first brought to IACMR’s board of directors in August, 2019, for discussion.  Based on that discussion, the document was revised, and approved by the board in June, 2020.