2022 IACMR Election

Notification| 2022 IACMR Election Results

Dear IACMR Members,

We are delighted to announce the following voting results of the 2022 IACMR officer election.  

Many thanks to the members who have actively participated in this important event of IACMR! Warm congratulations to the newly elected IACMR board members and student representatives!

  • Vice President, Program Chair (2025):   
    • David Zhu (朱洪泉), Arizona State University
  • Representative-at-Large, Americas: 
    • Jia (Jasmine) Hu (胡佳), Ohio State University
  • Representative-at-Large, Europe:                 
    • Pei Sun(孙霈), the University of Manchester
  • Representative-at-Large, Chinese Mainland: 
    • Yuntao Dong (董韫韬), Peking University
  • Representative-at-Large, Asia Pacific: 
    • Helen H. Zhao, the University of Hong Kong
  • Ph.D. Student Representative, Chinese Mainland:         
    • Jinkai Cheng (程进凯), Renmin University of China
  • Ph.D. Student Representative, Overseas: 
    • Yue Wang (王月), Rice University

Click here for biographies of the new officers. Their terms start at the conclusion of our 2023 conference in Hong Kong.

As we welcome our new team, it is a good time to remind ourselves of our collective goals. IACMR’s mission is to be the premier scholarly association dedicated to the creation and dissemination of management knowledge with a focus on China. To achieve this mission, we promote work that is done ethically, is done with rigor, is relevant to scholars and practitioners, and can have an impact on the world. This is exemplified by the leadership, but the real measure of success for IACMR is the work all of you do, and the way you do it. 

We encourage you to support the new team by personifying the core values of IACMR:

Pursuit of Excellence (high quality research and teaching)
Source of Inspiration (draw inspiration from each other)
Responsible Scholarship (contribute to the well-being of our communities)
Spirit of Service (volunteer to help IACMR and its members)

Once again, congratulations to our new officers.  We are confident that IACMR will grow bigger and stronger with their added skills and energy!

Ray Friedman
Chair, IACMR Nomination and Election Committee 2022
Past President, IACMR