Biennial Conference


IACMR 2023 Conference, Hong Kong
Call for Applications

Application Deadline: April 21, 2023

We are pleased to announce that the IACMR will hold a Macro-track (Strategy/OT/IB/ENT) Junior Faculty Consortium at the 2023 Hong Kong Conference. If you have started a macro-track junior faculty position in the last few years, this consortium is for you! The consortium provides an intimate forum for interacting with established scholars, enabling you to prosper in your academic career. More specifically, attending this consortium will help you:

1) Develop research projects for publication. Two seasoned scholars in your area will provide one-on-one feedback on your research project. You will also receive feedback from other colleagues during roundtable discussions.
2) Explore strategies for impact and growth as a business scholar and teacher. A distinguished panel of established scholars will share their insights with you in an interactive discussion.
3) Navigate the early academic career in diverse institutional settings. Leaders in our communities and research institutions will share their knowledge with you in an interactive discussion.
4) Build and develop potentially lifelong professional networks. The consortium provides opportunities for you to casually socialize with faculty mentors and peers.

This year’s faculty mentors offer diverse scholarly and geographic perspectives. Many have been editors for leading journals and won research and teaching awards. They include:

The consortium will be held on the last day of the conference, June 18. A tentative agenda of the consortium is provided below.

9:00-9:10am  Introduction and Welcome
9:10-10:00am  Panel Presentations on Developing a Research Stream
10:00-10:50am  Panel Presentations on Career Strategies
11:50-11:05am  Refreshment Break
11:05-11:50pm  Editors’ Pane
11:50-12:35pm  Roundtable Discussion (feedback on participants’ papers)
12:35-12:40pm  Closing Remarks

Application Process
To facilitate close engagements by all participants and panelists, space for this consortium is limited and participation is by application only. If you hold a faculty position as an Assistant Professor or a comparable rank and your research focuses on Strategy/Organization Theory/International Business/Entrepreneurship, we encourage you to apply. We also invite deans, department chairs, former workshop alumni, and faculty mentors to encourage their junior colleagues to apply.

To apply, please email the following information to Ma Jiawen(

1) Your name, email address, telephone number, and institutional affiliation
2) Your academic curriculum vitae, including a brief statement of research interest and a list of academic publications if any.
3) An extended summary of a working paper that you wish to receive feedback on. This summary should be no longer than 3 pages (single-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman, 1 inch margins all around). You may use additional space for references, tables, and figures.

We encourage you to apply early to guarantee consideration. The deadline for applying is April 21, 2023, and you will be notified by the middle of May regarding your application status. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the organizers. We look forward to seeing you at the IACMR conference in Hong Kong!

Reminder: To attend the PDW ‘MACRO-TRACK JUNIOR FACULTY CONSORTIUM’, you are required to register for the 2023 IACMR Conference. To register for the conference, please click here.


Yi Tang, University of Hong Kong, HK;
Cyndi Man Zhang, Singapore Management University, Singapore;
Eric Zhao, Indiana University, US;