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The ongoing COVID-19 epidemic has had a profound impact on the daily life and Chinese people as well as China’s economy. It has claimed over 2,000 lives so far. The COVID-19 crisis is likely to be of historical importance, in terms of both the speed that the virus spread and way that the Chinese government and society respond to it.

This is a time for IACMR to show that we care and we can help!  At the last meeting of the IACMR Executive Committee, we thought that our field might offer useful knowledge to help Chinese organizations respond to the novel COVID-19 crisis.  Most of us are already doing something on our own to help, but we should also do something collectively as IACMR.

We have invited IACMR officers and scholars to write essays providing management research insights that can guide responses to the crisis. We will put them in a column named “Insights from Management Research: Responding to COVID-19 Crisis” and will post them on our IACMR website and WeChat account.

<p “=””>(The articles in this column are organized and coordinated by IACMR and IACMR does not hold responsibility for the personal views of the authors.)