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Remembering James March: Call for Your Ideas and Actions

Dear IACMR family,

With heavy hearts, we convey the sad news of Prof. James March’s passing. On September 27, 2018, his family and the rest of the world said goodbye to a giant in our field.

Prof March’s first major work Organization (1958), with Herbert Simon, defined the field of organizations. His name is associated with most of the important ideas in our field: exploration and exploitation, organizational learning, garbage can model of organizational choice, new institutionalism, ambiguity and choice, and many more.

Prof. March wrote the inaugural article for Management and Organization Review (March, 2005) titled “Parochialism in the evolution of a research community: The case of organization studies.” His insight is on how parochialism may limit the integration of organizational studies, but if properly balanced with cross-boundary linkages and interactions, can prevent the homogenizing tendencies of dominant scholarly groups. This article is a strong and eloquent argument that contextual and indigenous Chinese management studies are necessary for developing both contextualized and universal knowledge.

MOR and IACMR are indebted to Prof March for his insightful advice. His legacy is part of the intellectual foundation of Chinese management research.

MOR and IACMR is establishing a committee to consider various ideas and initiatives for celebrating and honoring James March’s intellectual legacy. We are soliciting your ideas and suggestions as well as volunteers who wish to serve on this committee. Some suggestions include an MOR Special Issue, Establishing an Award in his name, and a special memorial conference. However, we are hoping to stimulate many more ideas that relate James March’s intellectual leadership to China.

Please forward ideas to Tina Minchella,  MOR Managing Editor, ( Please identify James March in the subject of your email. Thank you!

Arie Y. Lewin
Editor-in-Chief, MOR

Anne S. Tsui
Founding Editor-in-Chief, MOR;Founding President, IACMR