RRBM-IACMR “Responsible Research in Management Award” 2020 Winners Webinar II

October 6, 2020, Tuesday, 1pm-3pm (U.S. Eastern Time) 

We are delighted to honor this year’s (2020) “Responsible Research in Management Award” winners through a series of three webinars on Zoom. You are invited to attend and learn from the award-winning authors on how to conduct meaningful and publishable responsible research. 

The theme of this second webinar is “Labor, Management, and Society”. It will feature five Award winning papers (see below for the titles). Professor Jerry Davis of the University of Michigan will be our discussant and Professor Anne Tsui of the University of Notre Dame will be the moderator of this webinar.

We look forward to your participation in this existing webinar series to learn from our award winners and engage in an intellectual conversation on responsible research in management!

  1. Flammer, C., & Bansal, P. (2017). Does a longterm orientation create value? Evidence from a regression discontinuity. Strategic Management Journal, 38(9), 1827-1847. DOI: 10.1002/smj.2629
  2. Montgomery, A. W., & Dacin, M. T. (in press). Water Wars in Detroit: Custodianship and the Work of Institutional Renewal. Academy of Management Journal, DOI: 10.5465/amj.2017.1098
  3. Fan, G. H., & Zietsma, C. (2017). Constructing a shared governance logic: The role of emotions in enabling dually embedded agency. Academy of Management Journal, 60(6), 2321-2351. DOI: 10.5465/amj.2015.0402
  4. Dahl, M. S., & Pierce, L. (in press). Pay-for-Performance and Employee Mental Health: Large Sample Evidence Using Employee Prescription Drug Usage. Academy of Management Discoveries, DOI: 10.5465/amd.2018.0007
  5. Georgeac, O., & Rattan, A. (2019). Progress in women’s representation in top leadership weakens people’s disturbance with gender inequality in other domains. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 148(8), 1435-1453. DOI: 10.1037/xge0000561

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The video recording of the first webinar on August 6 can be found at YouTube or Youku (for mainland China). A description of this annual Award, which began in 2018, and all winners in the past three years can be found on both the RRBM and the IACMR webpages.