2018 Conference (June 13-17, 2018)

Scholarly Program on June 14 to June 16 (preliminary)

The preliminary program of June 14 to June 16 is available.  Please click here to view the program and check if your sessions are in good order.

Even though we have checked for time conflicts and tried to avoid them, there is still a small chance that you may have two sessions that overlap.  If that happens, please first check with your co-authors to see if they can attend one session while you attend the other.  If there is no co-author to help, please contact us at iacmrbj@pku.edu.cn or 010 6275 8824.  Please note that we can only adjust sessions due to time conflicts, not due to personal preferences or other reasons.  Moving session times has cascading effects on conflicts for other sessions.

At request of most authors, only abstracts are posted on line. If you are interested in a particular paper, please contact the author directly by clicking the paper title.