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IACMR Teaching and Learning Forum Session #3

Theme: Kenneth Andrews on Corporate Strategy: 50 Years Later, What Should We Teach and How?
Speaker: Joseph L. Bower, Harvard Business School
When: Feb. 9, 2022, 7:30-8:30 pm (Beijing Time, UTC/GMT+08:00)
Where: Zoom
Language: English


It is in 1971 that Andrews, Kenneth published his highly influential textbook, “A Concept of Corporate Strategy”. Fifty years have passed. The field of “corporate strategy” has advanced a lot and also become much more complex. Drawing from his own research and rich experience in teaching and consulting, Professor Joe Bower will review the major developments in the field and suggest ways to make the teaching of corporate strategy more effective.

Speaker’s Bio

Joe Bower, Anika Therapeutics Board of Directors.

JOSEPH L. BOWER, Donald K. David Professor Emeritus, has been a leader in general management at Harvard Business School for 59 years as a researcher, teacher, and in many administrative roles including Senior Associate Dean. An expert on corporate strategy, organization, and leadership, he has devoted much of his teaching and research to challenges confronting corporate leaders in today’s rapidly changing hyper-competitive conditions. Professor Bower has been active in the development of institutions and programs. Between 1968 and 73 he helped establish the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Vienna, Austria. In 1978, he founded the Program for Senior Managers in Government as a joint program of Harvard Business School and the School of Government; and in 1995 he founded the General Manager Program at Harvard Business School. He also served on the faculty of the Harvard Kennedy School during its first decade building the course in Public Management.  He was deeply involved in the efforts to build the new joint MBA-MPP degree program offered by the Business School and the Kennedy School of Government.  Author of more than a dozen books and many articles, his most recent book is Capitalism at Risk: How Business Can Lead.  As well, he has authored more than 200 case studies.  A consultant to companies and governments, he has been a Board member of many corporations, and a trustee of the New England Conservatory of Music for more than 40 years.