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Sharing Economy at the Base of the Pyramid: Opportunities and Challenges

Abstracts due– May 10, 2020.


Paper Development Workshop: Dec 21-22, IIM, Udaipur, India.


All submissions must be made to:


What are the key principles that drive and accelerate the growth of sharing economy in BOP? What types of risk and challenges these businesses face? How these initiatives can be sustained?


What are the emerging community-led social innovation models of sharing economy that are designed or geared towards low-income communities? What is the potential positive impact? What are the risks inherent with these innovations?


What roles do social entrepreneurship, social intermediation, and digital social innovation play in promoting and suppressing sharing economy at the BOP?


Is sharing economy changing the perception about consumption and ownership of those living in base of the pyramid?


How can governments, businesses and development institutions foster the growth of a sharing economy that empowers poor communities? how to make sharing economy a more inclusive economy?


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