Table of Contents Volume 18 – Issue 3


A Transparadox Process of Decision Making
Dalong PangLeigh Anne LiuMing-Jer Chen


How Venture Capital Firms Choose Syndication Partners: The Moderating Effects of Institutional Uncertainty and Investment Preference
Lu ZhengLikun CaoJie RenXibao LiXiming YinJin Chen

Knowledge Hiding and Hider’s Innovative Behavior in Chinese Organizations: The Mediating Role of Silence Behavior and the Moderating Role of Zhongyong Thinking
Liangyong ChenXiaozhen LuoFei ZhouTianqi Zhang

When and Why Perceived Organizational Environmental Support Fails to Work: From a Congruence Perspective
Yun ZhangZhe ZhangMing Jia

From Host Country Nationals to Entrepreneurs: Insights from Professional Service Ventures in Vietnam
Yen TranSnejina MichailovaHuong Nguyen

Networking in Weak Institutions: When Is It Good for Small Business Investment? The Case of Vietnam
Bach Nguyen

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