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Table of Contents Volume 16 – Issue 2 – May 2020

Volume 16   Issue 2 – May 2020   

Letter from the Editor

Arie Y. Lewin with Peter Ping Li and Liisa Välikangas

Letter from the Editor

Regular Articles(Fee-paying member please login to view full article

Shameen Prashantham, Abby Jingzi Zhou, and Charles Dhanaraj

Depth vs. Breadth: Network Strategy in Emerging Markets


Manish Popli and Radha Mukesh Ladkani

Value Constraining or Value Enabling? The Impact of Business Group Affiliation on Post-Acquisition Performance by Emerging Market Firms


Zhiming Ma, Hong Zhang, Weiguo Zhong, and Kaitang Zhou

Top Management Teams’ Academic Experience and Firms’ Corporate Social Responsibility Voluntary Disclosure


Liang Zhang, Zhe Zhang, Ming Jia, and Yeyao Ren

The Strength of Two Hands: Conflicting Stakeholder Pressures and Corporate Philanthropic Giving


Yuyan Zheng, Xu Huang, Les Graham, Tom Redman, and Saiquan Hu

Deterrence Effects: The Role of Authoritarian Leadership in Controlling Employee Workplace Deviance

Maria Teresa Beamond, Elaine Farndale, and Charmine E. J. Härtel

Frames and Actors: Translating Talent Management Strategy to Latin America

Dialogue, Debate, and Discussion (Fee-paying member please login to view full article

Liisa Valikangas

Introduction to ‘Inside-Out Interviews: Cross-Cultural Research in China’

Martin Sposato and Heather L. Jeffrey

Inside-Out Interviews: Cross-Cultural Research in China

Call for Papers

Special Issue on ‘Responsible Leadership in China and Beyond: A Responsible Research Approach

Research Frontiers Conference and Paper Development Workshop on ‘China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment to Africa