MOR Article of the Month

‘The Article of the Month’ from MOR 2017.12

MOR‘s December Article of the Month is A Self-Regulation Model of Zhong Yong Thinking and Employee Adaptive Performance by Wen Pan and Li-Yun Sun. Download free for the entire month. 


Indigenous Chinese management research has attracted much academic attention in recent years. This study examines the mechanism through which Zhong Yong thinking influences employee adaptive performance from a self-regulation perspective. Using two-wave data of 361 subordinates in 62 teams from Chinese firms, job complexity was found to moderate the direct effect of Zhong Yong thinking on cognitive adaptability and emotional control, and the indirect effect on adaptive performance (via cognitive adaptability and emotional control). The direct and indirect effects of Zhong Yong thinking were found to be stronger with a higher level of job complexity. The study explores an important Chinese indigenous construct and its association with adaptive performance, and adds value to the indigenous management literature.