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Xiaoping Chen named fellow of SIOP

Xiao-Ping Chen, a professor of management at the University of Washington Foster School of Business, has been named a fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), a division of the American Psychological Association.

“This prestigious honor is in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the field and awarded to only a few select recipients,” said Ronald Landis, chair of the Department of Psychology at the Illinois Institute of Technology and a SIOP Fellow.

Chen is the Philip M. Condit Endowed Chair in Business Administration and chair of the Foster School’s Department of Management and Organization.

Since joining the Foster faculty in 1999, she has been recognized with numerous awards for teaching, research and leadership, including the Andrew Smith Faculty Development Award, the Outstanding University of Washington Woman Award, the Dean’s International Research Award, the Charles E. Summer Outstanding Teacher Award, and the Outstanding PhD Mentor Award.

Chen is editor-in-chief of the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes and the editor of the Chinese/English bilingual magazine Management Insights. She also served as president of the International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR).

Her own research explores cross-cultural management, entrepreneurial passion, leadership and creativity, and Chinese guanxi.

Recent publications include findings that:

entrepreneurial investors reward preparation over passion,
motivational cultural intelligence can enhance the bottom line,
workplace autonomy fosters passion which, in turn, fosters creativity, and
mental fatigue doesn’t always make us more likely to act unethically.

In addition to her prolific scholarship in English, Chen is the author of eight Chinese books: Managing Across Cultures; Empirical Methods in Organization and Management Research; Solving Social Dilemmas: Psychological Mechanisms of Cooperation Induction; The Art of Balancing Work and Life; In Pursuit of Happiness; Simplifying Renqin; Still Seeing Mountains; and Follow Your Heart.