2018 Conference (June 13-17, 2018)

2018 Conference Company Visit

Company Visit Enrollment Result Announcement

The news about the company visits were posted online and sent to registered conference participants on May 30. By the deadline of June 4, visits to two companies had been fully booked. After coordination with the companies, we would like to confirm that all registrants who enrolled were permitted. The links to the detailed name list of registrants are listed below. Please check to ensure your name is on the list.

Further, please be reminded, 1) Those who need to present papers on the afternoon of June 14 must write to iacmrbj@pku.edu.cn to inform us of your unavailability; 2) If any of the company visit registrants cannot make it, please write to iacmrbj@pku.edu.cn, so we can inform the company and organizers of this change. Thank you for your cooperation!

    Name list for visit to Humanwell Healthware

     Name list for visit to Shengshileju

     Name list for visit to ZALL Group


Details about Company Visits

  1. Company Visit Date

Afternoon, June 14, 2018, Thursday

  1. Number Limit

There is a limited number of visitors specified by each company (please refer to the below table for details). The enrollment follow the fule of ‘first come first served’.

  1. Companies
  • Humanwell Healthcare (Group) Co.,Ltd
  • Shengshileju(Wuhan) Technology Holding Co., Ltd
  • Zall Group
  1. Attentions
  • Due to limited time for the visit, no waiting for late comers, so please be punctual;
  • Please follow the guiding staff and do not get off route;
  • Please invite your own interpreter if necessary as the working language of the visit is Chinese;
  • Please avoid making negative comments on the company during the visit.
  1. Details for Registration
  • Name
  • Your title
  • Your affiliation/institute
  • Phone number and email address

After reading the following information, you may click here to start your registration

  1. Company Visit Schedule (subject to final confirmation by the companies)
Humanwell Healthcare (Group) Co.,Ltd (Max N= 45)
Time Activity Note
13:00 -13:30 Depart from the East Lake Hotel 16.4 km, about 25 minutes by bus
14:15-16:15 On route to Humanwell Healthcare (Group) Co.,Ltd
14:30-16:15 1. Visit Exhibition Hall(20 min)

2. Promotional video(8 min)

3. Introductions and discussions (30 min)

4. Q&A and discussions(30 min)

Contact person: Wang Lei,13971200480
16:15 Leave for the East Lake Hotel
Shengshileju(Wuhan) Technology Holding Co., Ltd  (Max N= 35)
Time Activity Note
13:00 -13:20 Depart from the East Lake Hotel 16.4 km, about 45 minutes by bus
14:15-16:15 On route to Shengshileju(Wuhan) Technology Holding Co., Ltd
14:30-16:15 1. Visit Exhibition Hall (Unit 6, 15F)(30 min)

2. Promotional video(10 min)

3. Introductions and discussions (Unit 4, 23F) (30 min)

4. Q&A and discussions(15 min)

Contact person: Jiang Yanfeng,15337122987
16:15 Leave for the East Lake Hotel
Zall Group (Max N= 45)
Time Activity Note
13:00 -13:20 Depart from the East Lake Hotel 35 km, about 50 minutes by bus
14:15-16:15 On route to Zall Group
14:30-16:30 1、Zall Group Hankou North International Commodity Exchange Center:Logistics Center(10 min)— Commodity Market(20 min)— Customs(20 min)—Commercial Museum(10 min)— Zall Cloud Market(10 min)— E-commerce Building(20 min)2、Q&A and discussions(30 min) Contact person: Li Jing, 13476163195
16:30 Leave for the East Lake Hotel

7. Company Profiles

Humanwell Healthcare (Group) Co.,Ltd
Founded in 1993 by a group of passionate college graduates, Humanwell Healthcare has since been transformed into a fully integrated healthcare solutions provider.  With headquarters in the center of China, Humanwell operates and serves its customers in over 10 countries and districts.  The company’s vision is to be the leader of each market segment it choses to participate, by providing its customers the highest quality of products, the most comprehensive healthcare solutions, at the affordable prices.

Humanwell is the market leader in anesthetics/analgesics, fertility regulation drugs, and Uyghur medicine in Asia.  It is also a major player with expanding product portfolio and market shares in central nerve system (CNS) drugs, biological products, medical devices and diagnostics in China.

Humanwell’s core value centers on integrity, equality and humanity.  Its mission is to benefit humankind (as it is reflected in the company’s name) by improving human healthcare around the world through our commitments to patients, customers, shareholders and employees. By leveraging our global resources and partnerships, the company strives to challenge the unmet medical needs of every patient around the world.

Website: www.renfu.com.cn

Shengshileju(Wuhan) Technology Holding Co., Ltd

Shengshileju(Wuhan) Technology Holding Co., Ltd (ir.sslj.com) is the pioneer of internet smart home decoration enterprises in China and also the first listed enterprise in the US capital market (NASDAQ: SSLJ) across the smart home decoration industry. Through our online platforms and offline sales and service network in China, we provide our customers with a convenient, full-service, one-stop solution for their home improvement needs by offering consulting, design, construction, and furnishing services as well as modern, high-quality and high-tech smart home products. The founder, Mr. Wei Zheng promotes the vision of enhancing the house living environment and starts to deploy the core of future smart home platform based on internet and artificial intelligence. Intense capital was also injected to support the research and development of smart home eco-system and big-data cloud computing on users’ data.

The company was established in 2014 and serves as deputy minister company in China Residential Building and Decoration Association, deputy minister company of Hubei Province Interior Design Industry Association and also the member unit of Wuhan Industry and Commerce Union. On February 5th, 2018, SSLJ started to trade on NASDAQ stock exchange in the US under the ticker SSLJ. SSLJ is leading in several areas across domestic industry such as corporate scale, R&D productivity, in-house supply-chain system, offline outlets domestic coverage and city-level logistic & warehouses.

SSLJ is also keen on ideology development, corporate social responsibility and public welfare with the establishment of dedicate Communist Party branch, labor union, Youth League committee and Yiyouhui volunteer organization. Although the company has a limited operation history of 3 years, it has donated an aggregate of more than RMB20 million to the society and proud to be the founder of the first talent fund in Wuhan University.

As of March 2018, SSLJ has broad coverage in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Suzhou, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu and Xi’an with the set-up of branch offices and 12 experience centers and city-level franchise offices and stores at Shantou, Wuxi, Huangshi, Yantai, Anqing, Chongqing, Taiyuan and Xinyang.  Shengshileju

Website: ir.sslj.com

Zall Group

Zall Group (02098.HK) was established in 1996. It focuses on supply-chain property and trading services for the wholesale market, and mainly provides customers with wholesale trading services including property, logistics, warehousing, finance, online trading and big data.

The mega trading logistics and wholesale markets established by Zall Group encompass Wuhan and Tianjin as well as several other central regional cities. Total area of properties held by Zall is approximately eight million square metres. The Company was listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in July 2011. In 2014, the Zall brand was recognised as a famous trademark in China. In March 2016, the Company was selected as a constituent of the Hang Seng Composite LargeCap & MidCap Index and included in the list of eligible stocks under Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect.

In the future, Zall will uphold its enterprising spirit of ‘positive, persistence, stability and credibility’. Based on the physical market, logistics and properties, and the opportunities presented by the Zall Cloud Market, potential exists for Zall to develop a cloud market transaction and service system with a combination of online and offline channels. This would actively promote cross-border trading, C-end business, logistics integration and financial services, prepare the layout of smart payment hardware and system integration, build a smart ecosphere for commercial transactions, and create the world’s largest B2B transaction platform and database for consumer goods building on Zall’s reputation as a respectful transactional and service organisation and an outstanding commercial institution.

Website: http://www.zallcn.com/

  1. Company Visit Registration

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