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Academic Advisory Committee

The Academic Advisory Committee along with the Executive Advisory Committee comprises a minimum of 12 members representing various constituencies of the Association. The two Advisory Committees provide guidance as needed to the Executive Committee concerning important issues affecting the IACMR.

The Executive Committee appoints the Academic Advisory Committee and Executive Advisory Committee members. The Executive Committee is comprised of 9 members and is responsible for the governance of IACMR under the guidance of the President.

Michael A. Hitt, Texas A&M University (Chairman)
Yuan Li, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Vice Chairman)
Weiying Zhang, Peking University (Ex Offcio Members, Chair of Executive Advisory Committee)
Anne Tsui, Arizona State University (Founding President, IACMR)
Henri-Claude De Bettignies, INSEAD
Michael H. Bond, Polytechnic University of Hong Kong
Siwei Cheng, Chinese Academy of Science
John Child, University of Birmingham
Donald C. Hambrick, Pennsylvania State University
Runtian Jing, University of Electronic Science & Technology of China
Xinchun Li, Zhongshan University
Nan Lin, Duke University
Xiongwen Lu, Fudan University
Victor Nee, Cornell University
Gordon Redding, INSEAD
Rosalie Tung, Simon Fraser University
Andrew Walder, Stanford University
George Yip, Erasmus University